Wednesday, 9 September 2015


The task for September is all about shoes.

I am not a shoe addict but my feet are picky about what they wear. How many shoes do you have?

Make a list of all shoes and boots you own, note the number.
Do not forget to include flip-flops, rain boots, hiking boots, slippers and garden clogs. 
Try them all on.
All shoes and boots should fit comfortably, be properly heeled, cleaned, sorted and have functioning shoelaces. They should also be stored properly. Not that you need a shoe closet like a New Yorker with too much money and less sense, but a pile on the floor is not a place for investments. Shoes can be quite expensive; do treat them with respect.

Weather is forever changing and most shoes should therefore be to used during a year. 
If you have shoes that you are not using, there should really be a good reason for it. 

If you have too many good shoes, bring one of each sort to the front of your use. 
Put all the other in your personal storage for when you can use up one pair and then go shopping for free in your own closet. 

If you only have one pair of shoes, consider yourself lucky that you at least have a pair of shoes. 
However, it makes me wonder how varied your life is. Can you really go running, hiking, dancing, fancying and enter posh French restaurants - all with the same pair of shoes? And this is NOT a gender issue!!
Brush, polish and wipe off all shoes and boots.
Check shoe laces and the storage of shoe laces.
Use shoe horns if you have them.
Hang boots with strings and a clothes pin (put paper to protect from pinch-marks).

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