Sunday, 20 September 2015


I am 20% retired since 2013.

So far, I do not feel a need not to work at all.

Mostly because I like what I currently do.
I got a nice raise this year. I could use that to cut the savings rate down to 50 % of income, meaning I would cut more of my working hours. But, I have plenty of stimulating tasks and I have decided to stay working four days a week (32 hours, not a minute more and usually less) for another few years.
This may of course change quickly. I am after all financially independent.

This is where all those years of hard working, hard saving, careful planning and avoiding short-term treats have placed me.
I used to work six days a week and commute weekly between two or more countries. I have had a work life where I did not spend two continuous weeks at home in over ten years. I used to dream about Saturday mornings in bed. I had an ultimate impossible dream of having Saturday every day.

Now, all is different but it has been quite a process.
I still have to stop hating and despising the people I used to work for - that is a progress too.
(How could they allow a working situation like mine without concerns? I didn't break, not entirely much, but others did and remain broken. I still had to give everything to the job without any consideration given by management. I do not understand it but I try not to think too much about it.)


  1. I cannot understand why 'bosses' make their offices/factories/whatever such unpleasant places to work in. Surely people work much better when they're happy. My wife suffered from this, and every evening I was given a detailed commentary about who'd behaved the worst that day.

    1. Aaaaa but unless you make your underlings unhappy, you are not a good boss and the underlings are not efficient, non?