Saturday, 12 September 2015

Yes, I know who I am

Do you know who you are?
I know who I am - I am well researched. it is almost completely without interest.

Me, my mother's father, my father and several random cousins (third, fifth and eight generations removed) have done family research.

It is easy for us.
Find the five parishes and read all available registries in the archives. Almost all of them are there.

They all farm the land of their family before them or they develop new land close by.
All women are called Maria in some form but then so are all of our neighbours.

They all have as many children that they can and that they can keep alive. The adventurous marry somebody from the next parish. Possibly, actually quite common, the woman gives birth to the first born less than nine months after the wedding (no need to marry if there is no need - see, I knew I wasn't the first in the family to hate weddings!). They most commonly were engaged though.

The family tree peters out by the end of the 17th century, around 1660 or so. The registries were kept diligently from about 1700 and from then they registered everybody. Most archives have survived.
This week I have been in touch with another genealogist who provided me with some extra information on one eight of the family tree, taking also that branch down to 1746 and 1666 respectively.

The family contains no soldiers, no nobility, nobody educated, nobody with a trade and no criminals, as well as nobody with any foreign roots after 1700. Possibly also nobody who walked any longer distances from their home without coming back.

And then there is me (and my mother's fathers sister). We left. We educated.
The others are all there. Possibly happier but for certain, solid on the ground.

I am a result of my family, my heritage and my roots.
And because of it, I have no need for them in my every day life.

But I do call a visit to the parish cemeteries, a family reunion.
And I appreciate knowing it is all there. 

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