Wednesday, 14 October 2015


My family has a tradition of bread making. Nothing special about it but bread is made at home, not bought. When I lived in England, bread was cake. In the US I was so disgusted by the bread in the shops, I made my own. In Germany, Hungary and France the baker make excellent bread, often better and sometimes cheaper than home made.

I have never considered making bread a difficult task. For many years I even lived with an electric bread making machine (not mine) although I had almost stopped eating bread all together. It has possibly been almost ten years since I regularly made bread.

I made bread this week and the total cost came to 19 e.cents for the yeast, 20 e.cents for the flour, 30 e.cents for kvarg and possibly 40 e.cents for a small amount of whole grain oats left over from a porridge experiment and some extra fibres. (I love fibres, it makes me feel good.) Total cost for two fresh whole grain loafs €1,10 (pain complet).

Before second rising.
After the second rising.

After 20 min in our obviously unevenly heated oven.
It is really good moist bread. It would be an even better if I actually also wanted to eat bread.  Helas...
But at least I know that I still know how to do it.

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