Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Obesity, smoking and alcohol increases risk of cardiovascular diseases - do not pretend not to know or think that it will not happen to you. The rest it is up to you.

Cardiovascular diseases are still the world’s leading cause of death. Much more should be done to prevent the major risk factors, Philippe Thébault told EurActiv France.

Philippe Thébault is the President of the Alliance for the Heart (Alliance du Cœur), an umbrella organisation of French associations and federations linked to cardiovascular diseases.

"Is public policy in France ambitious enough to deal with the cardiovascular risk factors like obesity, smoking and alcohol?
It is clear that we have no coherent policy for the 'prevention' of cardiovascular risk factors. Some other European countries have invested a lot more in both prevention and communication.
It would be easy to demonstrate that preventative action can bring big savings on patient care, emergencies and hospitalisations, thanks to small investments and concerted efforts by the public powers, patients' associations, health professionals and the press!
Screening people with certain warning signs (hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, etc.) would bring them immediate access to treatment, prevent heart attacks and strokes and significantly reduce health spending.

What is stopping the politicians from taking action?
For some risk factors, like smoking or drinking alcohol, the companies concerned have lobbyists that are ready to do whatever it takes to protect their commercial activity, by influencing politicians in various ways.

Are there any other countries that have achieved tangible results in the reduction of these factors?
Certain Nordic countries have more systematic prevention practices, and they allocate more funding to informing people of the risks, which helps provide better care."


  1. The major problem in the UK is obesity caused in my opinion by lack of cooking skills in the home resulting in mass purchase of ready made meals, fast food resulting in very poor diets and and understanding of the body's requirements for a healthy existence. Families could be fed on improved diets for less money if people were to engage in fairly basic cooking skills and prepare basic meals.

    1. It is very difficult to buy anything but ready-made and prepared food in the UK supermarkets so I do not know really where it would come from. Although there are butchers, bakers, farmer's markets etc. to be found, it isn't everywhere. But you have Jack Monroe at least.

    2. Supermarkets have lentils, rice, vegetables, pasta, and butchers. Buy the basics and make loads of meals for the same price as a ready meal.m