Thursday, 15 October 2015


I am not the go to person for beauty advice, but I will unsolicited give one anyway.

Cream your neck and chest (aka décolletage) regularly.
Regular skin cream, face cream, hand cream, as far as I am concerned, it does not have to be anything special about it - but cream your neck and chest. (Foot cream perhaps not the best choice, I have found.)

Result? A moisturised skin does not wrinkle in the same way a dry skin does. (It still wrinkles, but hey, we are not teenagers nor do we want to look like them.) Give it three weeks and try it out.

Cream it until it is supple and moist and every day. There will be difference, also for men.

(Oh and do not give me the "in this household there has been no moisturiser for the last twenty years" - this is an advice and if you are over fifty and do not cream regularly, you may in for a great surprise if you try it. If not, then not.)

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