Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Remove your TV and your electronic games to start living.  One of the best advice for a frugal living ever, but also the most difficult for some.

Out of all the targets I set my self, of all the things supposedly good for me to do (both from a mental and financial aspect) - this is the one thing I have always found the most difficult.
I am very attracted to TV and films. It draws me in, allures me and with its moving pictures, I easily become quite addicted.

When I moved from home in 1984, I took my parents camping TV with me. It was black 'n' white-set, and it worked quite well although it had been adjusted to regular electricity from originally having been run of a car battery. You could even watch it if you sat within a meter or so of the screen. (It had been our only TV until around 1974 and had sat in the spare room until I left.)

The camping TV did not survive many moves. Within a year or two, I lived without a TV although I sometimes lived where there would be a common room with access to a TV. I lived without a TV until around 1993 when a boyfriend brought a TV into the household. It left when he did.

It took until 2009 until I became the owner of a TV again. That one came with the contents of an apartment I took over and it was about the same size as my parents camping TV. It only showed two channels so it was not used often. It did however still work when it was donated to a charity shop in 2013.

The man has a small TV screen set in a bookcase in a corner. We have furnished that room so that whenever TV is to be watched, the sofas must be turned around. STILL, my addictions are flaring again and I am struggling not to watch TV every day. and although and with me moving in, the addiction has flared again. I really do not need to watch TV every day. Written news are so much better, faster and comprehensive and
I watch way too many things that brings me no joy past the second. I really struggle with this but the solution is not to remove the TV-set.  I watch things on my computer too so I know fully well that it is me that will have to deal with it. And deal with it I must. I probably put this up on my list of targets for 2016 (although the targets are normally what to do, not what not to do).

Electronic games where removed from my computer in around 1993 and every consecutive computer since then. If I just stay away from Tetris, I have never spent time playing electronic games. 

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