Thursday, 1 October 2015


I know it is going to be bad.

The Financial Independence number will of course be low this month. The economic situation is bad, the stock exchanges are crashing, war and chaos in the western world, add Fkn FolksWaggoons to the mix as well as Champions League. It is not a good day to calculate the amount of money available for instant work relief.

But - whoever bad it will be, it will still be a lot of money. More money than most people have available and what ever the number is, it will be fully enough to hold me in small and with inflation rather bare but still comfortable circumstances for a long time. I have even bought some solid shares for a song this previous month and hopefully that will pay off in a few years or so.

Besides, and most important, I do not need the money right now.
I am not in any kind of urgent need. I am healthy, in secure situations, resting in my cosy home.
I can always continue working and as said earlier, that will be fine too.

So here goes with the calculations...
My current FI-number is 27,61 years.

We are going camping tomorrow. It will be a good reminder as i will be driven out on the streeeeeets with only a tent and a back pack if this goes on much longersssssss. Could you all just stop making chaos on the financial markets please, double please?
End of dramatic crocodile tears.

But we are really going camping this long weekend. The weather is to be nice and we are very excited to go camping in the third season. The weather season, not us. Well, actually, that too.

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