Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Frugal 1570

...liketh, loveth, getteth, and useth.

Quote from the text written by John Dee in the Preface to The elements og Geometrie of the most auncient Philosopfer Euclide of Megara that was printed in London in 1570.
He makes a great point, although he was talking about Mappes, Chartes, & Geographicall Chartes.

The point is:
Find what you like, wait to see if you will love it. If loveth, then get it and use it.

If any of those steps are missing from your purchase, something was wrong with it. 

Maybe you were buying just to getteth without loveth?

Getteth without useth makes really no sense at all.

Liketh, anything can be liketh - but do you loveth?

And if you do not useth, you also do not need another!

The quote from Nicholas Crane Mercator - the man who mapped the world p 238.
The book is really very good and it puts you right there in the historical reality of the 16th century.