Friday, 23 October 2015


I took a beauty day yesterday.

Feeling grey, beige and quite couture less, I needed a boost me up. Systematically I worked my way through all my beauty products.

- Shampoo and conditioner
- Scrubbers, foot file, nail clippers, files and orange sticks
- Hair lighter and hair setting liquids
- Eyelash and eye brow dye
- Self tanner for legs
- Skin lotion
- Deodorant
- Spot correction, both zits and age related dark sports
- Make-up base
- Cover stick of the full coverage kind and foundation.
I did not use sun cream or bug-repellant, but I did cut my banGs, plucked my eyebrows and bent my eyelashes.

I buffed my finger nails and painted them red.
Then I found a case of compact powder. So I proceed to add that, as well as beige, brown and purple eye-shadow and even rouge.
I even found a stub of an old brown eye-liner pen from my late teens. It was so dry it could not be used around the eyes but worked fine as a brow pen.

After all of that, I looked fifteen years older and had to go and wash it all off.
With only a bit of skin lotion, I felt much better.

PS. Did I mention I was working from home?


  1. With a little trepidation at the risk of venturing into ground I have no business to, I am curious as to what your banks are. If I know the answer to that then I will also know why they might need cutting from time to time.

  2. Thanks Philip!!! Always appreciated. I do mean BanGs - bangs, bangs bangs - the short part of my hair where my face goes.