Thursday, 29 October 2015


Once upon a time there was a girl. Perhaps a young woman, perhaps even a grown person.
She dried all the roses she ever got. Little buds. One large deep red rose. A whole bouquet of then.
All were carefully dried to keep forever.
She kept them in a large lidded glass jar that she had bought especially.

The roses kept their strong smell in the jar. Perhaps she opened and smelled them.

One day something wonderful happened to her.
She put the jar of roses on the street and lived happily ever after. Happy, happy, happy.

I do not know. I made it all up.
I just found a gigantic pristine glass jar by the trash were I work. I dumped the roses (they did smell wonderfully). After a thorough clean, we now store pasta in it.
Thanks Rose-girl and
thanks trash gods.


  1. So beautiful,I have 15 plants of roses in my garden and sometimes i also put the leafs in a jar, they dont keep the smell for some reason.

    1. Maybe Rose-girl had given them a spay of rose perfume?