Saturday, 10 October 2015


hmm, I did not know it was that transparent.
I took up running. I thought why not. I have the shoes.
It was not unpleasant - for the first few weeks.
Then I got a muscle inflammation and was in pain for two weeks. No running, not even walking. In the meantime, the weather got worse.

I realized that if I ever was going to go running again, I would need a light weight running jacket.
My new lovely light-weight and all round wonderful rain-jacket will be perfect later on (if I actually go running in the rain ehrm...). Until then, I need something light, colourful and possibly sleeveless.
But I do not want to spend money on something I am not certain I will continue doing.

So I made one.

This used to be somebody's souvenir umbrella.
Wearing an umbrella
It started with a rain storm. The day after the streets were filled with broken umbrellas. (Hurray for living in a tourist town.) One big, bright red tourist umbrella was taken, freed carefully from its steel construction, rinsed off, dried and every so carefully ironed. (Low heat. No, lower, even lower heat. I melted the edge of the fabric within three seconds.) When you have found your fabric, carefully detach the wrap around closing strip and keep it  for later.

Fold the remaining fabric and pin a simple shirt pattern on it (pin outside the fabric or right at the edge of the paper pattern where you will sew, as the pin leaves holes in the plastic fabric). 
Cut, sew the four seams (shoulders and sides), hem and voilá, it is done.

Now trim the seam edges of the jacket with scissors (do not cut the seams or you will have to re-sow them to re-fasten the thread).
Sew the hems to fit it better around the arms and neck if needed. This will also stop the umbrella sections to unravel.

Fold the front pieces, put it on and fit it to your body when closed (make sure you can move). Fit it where your body is the narrowest (waist, neckline or as with me, under the boobs). 
Pin the closing strip from the umbrella (most umbrellas have Velcro closing today) and the closing patch to both sides of the jacket.
Attach it by sewing around it as neatly but as strongly as possibly. (This seam which will take a bit of force when ripped open.)

You now have a free running vest. 

I really like mine.
The colour is a bit bold for me but it fits very well (meaning it does not hinder any movements). Without sleeves it warms the core of my body which is usually only what I need. I guess that when the weather goes colder I may hide it under a running sweater or add a pair of loose sleeves or gloves. It does make me sweat which is good for loosing that last kilo/s needed for my weight target. Currently at +4.

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