Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Where do I start?
My life is a mess and I do not know what to do about it!

Is that you?
You do know where to start.

Start with taking the trash out. Always start with taking the trash out. Empty all waste paper baskets and trash cans around the house and empty the garbage bin in the kitchen (put a new bag in). Take the recyclables out. Wipe down the cupboards, the kitchen bin and the waste paper baskets. Put a plastic bag in all of them so that you do not have to wipe them next time (just take the bag out).

Start with doing the dishes. Fill the washing machine if you have one and run it and empty it. Do a sink filled with dishes, dry and put away. Do another sink filled with dishes, dry and put away. Do this until you have done all the dishes. Clean and wipe down your kitchen sink. Always start by doing your dishes and cleaning your kitchen sink. Eat off the sink.

Start by picking up things off the floors. Unless it is a floor model, it does not belong on the floor. Not even the Japanese keep their stuff and their clothes on the floor. Pick up clothes. Pick up dishes. Pick up papers and books. Pick up all the things that are on the floor that you keep on the floor but is not a floor model. Put piles of books and magazines on a table, a shelf or on a cardboard box you can get for free from the supermarket. Pile it on there, do whatever you have to do but get all the stuff off your floor. Vacuum, brush or sweep and then mop the floors. Walk barefoot.

Start by doing laundry. Get all dirty clothes,  shake them out, look in the pockets, put everything into colours or whites (white is really only the things that are light coloured white, beige, off-white; not pink or light blue). Go to the laundromat or run a first full machine. Hang to dry (or let it go through the dryer). Put in another machine if you there is more to do. Endure the laundry drying on the rack for a day (shake it out and re-hand if it is not completely dry in a day.) Fold. Put into the same piles you have in your wardrobe or hang on hangers. Put everything away.

Do one of this. Only one.
See, I told you that you did know where to start.

Now, sorry, I have to go and take my trash out.


  1. I do know how to do 'washing-up', but have no idea how to use the machine. Putting out trash is my job, and I manage it OK. I've always done my own laundry; I would never give my wife that awful task. Picking stuff off the floor..... are you kidding? Without all my clutter the house would be so dull.

  2. This is such an interesting description of how a family divides tasks in the household. Personally I have to consciously task myself to pick things off the floor. Left on my own, I only clean down to my knees. Then I wade - in slippers.