Friday, 16 October 2015


It is amazing what a little after-thought can create (at least after a few weeks when the subconscious and the brain has had time to connect the dots and grasped the problem).

I ran into a sale recently. The bras I have had my eye on for quite some time, almost a year actually, were on sale. The price had kept me off buying them (even though I have had white bras on my wish and need list for quite some time). They also did not absolutely fulfil all requirements set for the need perfectly. Among other things, they had flexible instead of fixed straps, and that is just not what I wanted. The straps even had a little stupid clasp placed exactly where the backpack hits the collar bone.
Now this may became the bonus. I think more people than me though the inconvenient flexi straps were stupid so they where left for the sale.

I ended up buying two bras in the correct size and correct colour for a quarter of the original price (€10 for two).
The stupid flexi straps have been removed and replaced with flexi straps without little stupid claps which have come from previously discarded bras and kept for 'just in case'.

I have ended up with two perfect sized, correctly coloured bras. The colour of the straps is not completely matched but since I will not show my bra nor my straps to anybody, it does not matter one bit. The flexi straps with the stupidly placed clasps can be re-used for when I really do need a flexi-bra. However unlikely, it might happen and to store the straps takes only 2x3 cm out of my underwear drawer.
I think all bra needs are filled for a few years now.

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