Friday, 2 October 2015


The task for October is underwear and sleep wear, and for those of you who have it, include your sports wear too. If you do any other clothes tasks where you are allowed to exclude specific groups of clothes, such as home pyjamas, s wear or specialist clothing for certain activities, now is the time to include them.

This means that the task is to wear all underwear, wear all lingerie and all night wear in one month.
However you do it is up to you, but this is the easy part. Find, collect, gather and count everything you would call underwear. Use, wash and put aside until everything is used. If there are things that you do not want to use, well, maybe you need to put that aside in your "on the way out" box? If there is anything in there that is so tatty that you would not want to be caught in a car accident with them, the granny pants and the Bridget Jones going for sex-underwear, well now, perhaps you deserve a little better? Just get rid of them (especially if you have more than seven days of underwear left and have easy access to a washing facility (your bathroom sink included) and especially if you have more than fourteen days worth of underwear left.

Also wear all your lingerie and special occasion underwear. Can you still get into your honeymoon silky stuff? Wear it for work! (I do not care which "honeymoon" it was for.) Wear it, at least try it on, and if you do not want to wear it, have a discussion with yourself why you still keep it. Should you put it in the on the way out-box, straight into the bin or into your "when I get thin and sexy again-pile"? (Oh, do not fret, we all have one of those piles.) However, make sure you keep comfortable workable underwear; not only the silky, squeezy stuff that is really more for show than to wear under clothes.

The task is also to wear all your sleep wear. Your home pyjamas, nighties and silky bedroom stuff as well as all and any sports wear you do not actually do sport in but rather wear while you decoratively sit in the sofa with a bag of popcorn.

The task is also to wear all your sports wear. If you sleep and lounge around the house in your sports wear, they should have been included above but do really bring out all of it. If you count sex a sport, include all your sexy outfits here.

Underwear also includes SOCKs (unless you did them with the shoes last month). Wear all socks, including the novelty socks and socks with cartoons on them, all tights, garter-belt stockings, pantyhose, stay-ups, woollen socks and sports socks this month. Clean, put aside and go through them all. Darn the sock toes if your toes are coming through. Look under to make sure there are still soles on the socks. Darn or cut off to use as sleeves or discard all broken socks.
Oh, your stockings are like mine, still in the package after about eleven years?
Yeah, I know, I know, I will - I hear you loud and clear...


  1. Replies
    1. It is a relief knowing that one has what one needs and does not need anything else and does not need to be concerned about the content of ones cupboards.

    2. Oh, well I reached that point a long time ago and I am fully aware at all times of how many of everything I've got and where they all are.

    3. You are excused from this game.

  2. A bit difficult for those of us who go commando & don't own pyjamas.
    As Rachel above why ?

    1. Not difficult, but rather quite easy. If you do not use it, do not own it. That is the point! :)

  3. This seems a tad odd to me. Personally I collect-up all my socks and pants every 12 months and chuck the whole lot, then I simply replace them. It costs very little, and the feeling is wonderful.

    1. You are as always way ahead of me. But then you also have unlimited access to what is possibly the worlds best underwear brand: Influx, la qualitè de Cora!