Sunday, 25 October 2015


I like clocks, watches, bells and the history of time keeping. I have several books on the subject and I have visited among others, the clock in Salisbury Cathedral, Wells Cathedral, Lund Cathedral, Prague Old Town Hall and in Greenwich among others and they never cease to amaze me.

This week I went to see some of the clocks invented and constructed by Christiaan Huygens. He invented the first pendulum clock in 1656. It gave the world finally access to correct time keeping. At least more correct than before. And as long as the pendulum was kept swinging freely of course.

We adjusted all clocks and watches today for winter time.
Phones, computers and tablets as well as the dvd-player all had adjusted automatically but time was checked and in one case adjusted.
Wrist watches were adjusted. The antique pocket watch was not adjusted.
The clock on the stove was adjusted (we have finally figured out not only to set the time but also to adjust it - unfortunately nobody ever looks at it as it is ingrain in us that it is not correct).
The clock in the bed room (visible only from the door and primarily used in the mornings to not get stuck while dressing) was adjusted (and dusted).
The clock in the living room as adjusted too and that is both physically tricky and very important. It is a huge plastic fish with googly-eyes and a clock in its mouth. It was given to me by my colleagues when I left a job in 1999. It still makes me smile almost every day because it is so silly and funny.

And that was it. To summarize, the house holds 12 time keeping devices.
I wonder what Christiaan Huygens would have thought of that.

PS. I also remembered that I have three old and unused watches, all with dead batteries or springs, in my jewellery box. That makes in total four unused watches in the house next to the twelve in use.
Maybe we should set up a watch maker's workshop or attend the watch maker school?


  1. I have one clock in the house, in the kitchen. It is used mainly to check on time in the morning for leaving the house. We do not have a watch between us and time telling during the day is done entirely from looking at the face of the mobile phone. or at the computer screen in front of me. I do not know many people these days who wear watches.

    1. My mobile phone is also with me at all times during the night and is used for telling the time in the bedroom. I do not use an alarm clock and wake up naturally at the right time each day.

    2. I do not carry a phone with me at all times during the day, actually almost never. But I do wear a watch - usually in the right hand jeans pocket.