Sunday, 29 November 2015


I met a man at the bus stop the other night.
He was carrying a large unframed oil painting wrapped in clear plastic. I saw him already when we got off the train and then I saw him again at the same bus stop.
We chatted. He was what if he had been a woman in his age would have been called tipsy.
The paining was by Franscesca something-letti and he had won it in a raffle in his art club. The painting was very nice and I admired it greatly. I fought a coveting feeling.
He thought it reminded him of early works by Gerard Richter and I said I agreed even though I didn't. I thought to my self how far back do you have to go to make that look like Gerard Richter's work? I thought it reminded me of carpets I had seen made inspired by areal photos of Dutch flower fields.
It was a nice chat with a stranger about things I often think about bur rarely talk about with people, except the man lately.

Currently I own only one original piece of art. It is an oil painting I bought in a small antique-junk shop in 1998 for €2, if I remember correctly. I tracked down a son of the painter recently and saw more of the painter's work. The painter is accepted an in a small group respected but most certainly not famous. I still like my painting the best. It is painted in 1957 by Palma de Majorca in Spain, and it is clearly fauvist. It depicts a scorching hot day in a small village. A cart with a donkey. Blue mountains in the horizon. Siesta.
It is a very peaceful painting and I love it very much.
This is an item I will keep for a very long time still - but I do not need to keep it forever, and it could be a lovely present to somebody one day.
Not yet though.

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