Wednesday, 18 November 2015


In my little apartment (my personal hide away, the over-nighter close to work, my bug-out apartment, my safety net or just my personal home), I have 34 books and 11 maps and guides of different kinds.

I have now been through them all, flipped the pages open in all of them to see which emotions I would get. Surprisingly many went straight out to the charity shop. (Some because I have an electronic version too.)

There are 19 novels. (I always imagine that I will sit and read novels in my little apartment when the rest of the world is on fire and the euro zone has crashed.) I don't really read them, but it is relaxing to see them. Most of them are old favourites that I almost know by heart. There is also an adventure book about somebody who paddled the entire Amazon that I read in the fall of 1990 (bought in the US.) that I have always thought I will re-read.

There are also 5 cook-books, 5 books about interior design, feng shui and renovation projects, and 2 books about history and historic buildings. I also have an old school book about Scandinavian literature with mostly poetry that I read most frequently.

That makes 33 books in total. The last one is a booklet from a magazine in the mid 2000's about wellness and living the good life. It has numerous exercises in it to do when there is a need to feel better. I am thinking that one day I might feel really really bad about the world around me, so I'm keeping it as a precaution.

With one person after another breaking down mentally around me and one after the other of our common institutions threatened, I will keep it.

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