Thursday, 26 November 2015


The total amount of books in my possession has not yet been counted, but I own the following amount of fiction (This is the smallest and most countable subsection of books I own as I am not really a lover of fiction literature. Reality is so much more varied and unexplainable than any story that can be invented. Why? Because an invented story has to make sense and reality really very rarely does. But I digress...):

Besides the 41 books related to Peter Wimsey, I own 138 other fiction books and novels.

Per shelf they are:
18 books primarily by Marian Keyes.
39 books by authors from the antiquity, the anarchism, and by Tony Hawks etc.
41 books by primarily Virginia Woolf, Josephine Tey, Agatha Cristie, Fredrika Bremer and John Donne.
40 books by C.J. Sansom, Frederick Forsyth, Michael Montaigne and a bunch of books I just want to read before I give them away.

I suppose John Donne should be on the poetry shelf and that Michael Montaigne isn't strictly fiction, but they are both my go-to reads for when I want to read something nice and easy to make me feel good and if I want to read something just for the pleasure of reading.

In total with the Wimesy books, that makes 179 books on fiction to be added to the total sum as a part of my task of going through my books this month.


  1. The shelf with 39 books intrigues me. "Antiquities" I assume refers to classic literature, but what books are categorised under "the anarchism"?

    1. Goldman, Kropotkin, Shaw, Bakunin, Woodcook, Guérin (not Chomsky!) and others on collectivism and personal responsibility. And no, not really fiction, but utopian.