Friday, 27 November 2015


We store our chargers and cables in a cast iron wok that sits in a large flower pot on top of an old plate. The juggling balls live in there too. It also holds our camping batteries.

Hear me out, there is reason in the madness.

The chargers need to sit in the open air and even better in something fire proof. This is important. Chargers are notorious fire starters, especially older ones but new electronics can also cause over-heating and internal fires. Battery chargers too can short-cut their circuits so they should not be packed down with the camping gear. Besides, we use them for all trips and as in-case-of for emergency cuts too. (And for when someone, yours truly, has forgotten to charge her phone and finds this out on the way out the door. She plugs in the charger to load it on the run. Amazing what lessons can be learned by making the same mistake over and over again!).

The cast iron wok that sits in a large flower pot on top of an old plate is placed near two electrical outlets. It is very conveniently placed where we usually come in and empty our bags and pockets. It looks organised as it was thought out in advanced but it really was not. The whole thing sits under a fixed low hanging light where a plant used to sit. The space can not be used for anything without rehanging the lights and we are way to lazy for that (it really would be part of a major project, I promise, it is more than being lazy, but still...)

The whole thing also keeps cables and chargers away from other flat surfaces needed for other things.
It also makes use of the empty flowerpot. The plant now lives in the window. It is a she and she has a name because she has her own story. The cast iron wok is too nice to just hurl out even if we are not using it,  as nobody buys a cast iron wok these days.
The juggling balls? Well, if we are ever going to learn to juggle, they must be available when the talent hits us. And besides, they keep the sound of chargers dumped in cast iron down.

The heads of the chargers all look similar (hey, what happened to that EU regulation requiring electronics placed on the market to have interchangeable chargers??). I marked some of them with a dot of nail polish on two sides in order to make them differentiable in the full snake pit.

It really works well, almost as if we had thought about it.


  1. I like your description of the snake pit. Our charger wires spill everywhere. You're correct, the ubiquitous non-stick wok has taken over from the iron wok but we still use the latter. It is much more effective than non-stick woks because it gets much hotter - essential for good stir-frying. Ours is now very well 'seasoned' and the key is not to wash it with washing up liquid and to keep it oiled. I claim that our wok poses 'the spirit of the wok' and you can taste the difference when cooking noodles in particular. When visitors offer to help wash up I never let them deal with our wok. The wok has some importance in our kitchen as you might guess (My wife is Chinese).

    1. Hi hao, I am so inviting myself to dinner in your house! My cooking is if anything Japanese but I use my grandmother's old cast iron frying pan for everything else - the man has re-seasoned it in the oven and it is better than ever.

  2. Nǐ xǐhuān chī zhōngguó cài ?

    1. You called me on my bluff... xièxiè!