Sunday, 1 November 2015


Financial independence number: 28,89.

This means, I can live almost twenty nine years with my current lifestyle on my current assets (not including inflation or raised costs of living but I am hoping that dividends and interests will take care of that.) I also have a pension that will contribute in the year 2030, 2033 or 2035 but although it will be a welcome income, I am not counting on it and therefore not including any contributions to any pension schemes in my FI-number.

I am anyway very happy! Last month I was a little worried but it all has kicked back quite quickly.

The FI-number means that I can, whenever I want, walk away from work and do whatever I want. However, at the moment, I want to work the hours that I do with what I do.
It does however also mean that I do not really own anything. No house, car, jewellery, art, fancy clothes or fancy anything. On the other hand, I also do not have any debt, mortgage, student loans or risky investments.

I have a tiny but secure home base, a fancy man and a fancy education and there are thoughts bubbling to go for more.... (as in more education, not more men - or homes.)

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