Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Set visions for your life. Maybe Health, Hearth and Head.

If you think you are overweight, you probably could loose 10% of your body weight. Start the work focusing on the first 3 kilos. It should take a month which means that the little changes you do, will stay with you and the weight will stay off.

Shelter and warmth and safety is next to your body, the most important target. Be safe with your home, own outright if you can or if the buying cost is more than 110 rents in your area, rent from the best landlord you can find and keep the payments.

Stay on a path of new knowledge. Accept all training offered, take the facts that float around and read something, anything, every day. Stay away from simple information (you know people, media or politicians) and look into knowledge (how to do things, learn the names of capitals or how your city is managed). You know there is a difference between knowledge that can be of use one day and the buzzing information that is only of use to others.

Other visions are of course Finance, Family, Friends.
Or maybe Food, Foreign, Flings?
Or possibly Money, Mortgage, Missions.


  1. Do you mean "hearth"?
    I like your three H's.

    1. Oh Philip, thank you so much!! Of course I do...

  2. I enjoy very much your blog. I am just curious about this write-up. Why do you say rent if the buying cost is over 110 rents?