Thursday, 19 November 2015

Ice cream

I am not really keen on ice cream and eat it very rarely (sorbet is ok though). 

Yesterday though, in the shop (milk, pasta and hard bread) the bing-bong announcement said they sold ice cream cheaply. Holiday special (no, as far as I know there is no holiday this week.) They might be referring to christmas - still six weeks away, and not really an ice cream event. And before I digress into my hatred of christmas (no capital letter on purpose!)... where was I?

So yesterday - I bought cheap high quality brand name ice cream.
I took it home.
I put it in the freezer to eat my dinner first.
And I forgot it!!!

I was reminded by John saying he had found treats in his freezer!

Now I want to go home from work. I have an urge to just leave and go home and eat said ice cream. Straight out of the tub with a spoon.

Today day will be remembered as the day I really, really, really wanted to eat ice cream.

(I hope it lasts until I come home so I actually eat the tub before my sad freezer destroys it.)


  1. Lemon (or Lime) sorbet is my favourite in Summer. I think there's some in the freezer right now, but it won't be touched until June or July 2016.

    1. That is my favourite too, the only thing I eat actually. But now now now now I still want that ice cream... sigh