Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Oh, dear, I seem to have lost my will to leave my job.
Which is Dreadful.
I am supposed to be only working for fun and until my FI-number solidly reaches back up to 30.
(Which is a silly waiting period as my retirement funds starts paying out in 18 years, but anyway.)
I am supposed to retire early am I not? Not? No.

These are the reasons:
- For the first time in my life, ever!, I work for a manager and owner that I not only respect but also like. Shocker! I am not certain how to handle this. I like the management as well as my colleagues. We are a truly odd bunch and cooperate in very unusual ways but I really like them. I am as shocked as you are.
- I like what I do. I do not work full time and no over time but it is at a very high level, requires an unusual set of competences and provides a service for clients which is truly appreciated. The bossier I am, the better they like it. How can I not like that?
- I get to travel a little bit for work which is nice when I am not actually doing it. It takes me to places I would not go to otherwise, forces me to be innovative with what to do and see and I get to look into a part of society not generally open.
- I have managed to set up a life-work balance, home-away balance that calms my restless wanderlust and satisfies my need to safe. My office is anywhere I want it and right now it is set up nicely.
- I truly have the nicest clients who are the kindest people in the world and seems to be quite impressed but what I know and
- I will also get new project involving the China-offices and if technology and diplomatics works out the way it is planned, I will be going home to Shanghai this spring. How could I possibly leave before that? The man also likes China so he would be coming too.

I am a smug cat on a pillow, I know, but I am old and I have worked very very hard to get the qualifications to take the chance that I went looking for, which placed me where I am today.
I am grateful and I have finally had some luck. I have however paid very highly for it. I have done my dog years as well as almost two decades of hard labour. I bloody deserve to have a job I like.
For a while. 


  1. I am one of those rare folks: I like my job, and plan to stay until full retirement age if they will have me! Having FI at a young age was never one of my goals and it's too late now :)

    1. I used to hate my job and love what I did (if that makes sense). I think FI has relaxed me and made me also like my job, now when it is something I can choose to do.