Monday, 30 November 2015


The task for November was to count my books.

I had only Yael's number to start with: more of less 400 books.
As suspected, she turned out to be more controlled than I am.

The total amount of books in my possession is:
Dictionaries and language books: 31
Books in the little apartment: 33
Fiction, including Peter Wimsey: 179
Non-fiction: 250

In total, all summarized I currently own 493 books.

I just realised, I forgot the shelf with cooking books (11), psychology and management (6 + 8),
survival, outdoors, hiking and nature books (19) and interior (including sewing, furniture, interior design, zen and feng shui) (9). So now I have to add another 53 books

In all, the final number, all summarized,
the fact of the matter is that
I currently own at least 546 books.

I make no promises for the future.


  1. You are more orgnized person than me, but i am inspired by you:)

    1. Thank you for giving me inspiration, it has been very helpful!