Monday, 9 November 2015


Sleeves are usually needed for the fall season.

There is one easy way to extend the use of summer clothes into the colder seasons (sorry Aussies and Brazilians, I am in Western Europe.)  The trick is to add sleeves.
Not permanently and not to the clothes themselves, but rather to your outfit and especially outdoor clothing.

I read about this in a book advising on ultra light hiking, and I saw them on the marathon runners that came trough town a few weeks ago. I had made myself a pair of sleeves for this summers hiking-vacation. It worked so well, that I now carry the sleeves with me everywhere and use them regularly.

The sleeves are made from the top end of a pair of socks. The heels were broken on a pair of long socks where there was nothing wrong with the shaft of the sock. (That IS the proper name, stop giggling.)
I cut diagonally from right above the heel slightly over to the top of the foot (the sock was folded lenght-wise and I cut it double with my fabric scissors, but any scissors and any angle will work.)
I then pulled the sock shaft (stop it!) on to my arm, top fist, which left the top of the foot over my hand. The sewing machine was out on that day for another project so I made one finger-thick button hole in each end, and voilá, I am Morticia Addams.

Under a jacket or a sweater they are barely seen, add a pair of gloves and they are invisible. But it is amazing how much warmer you will feel. I have worn them scrunched down as two wrist bands when it got warm, and I have tucked the toe up under the sleeve in fancier places.

These socks were long from the beginning, and when I add them to a short sleeves shirt, it looks quite stylish and fashionable (no, my sense of style is not extremely high-fashion).

I also cut off a pair of much shorter socks and got myself something more of an arm-muff. For me with long arms, most of my jackets are ever so slightly short in the sleeves. This extra wrist protection are a good send on early mornings. I just slide them on when going cycling and the additional warmth is instant.

As all my socks since decades are always solid black, so will all my extra sleeves will be black. It suits me and my clothing. If you have more colourful socks, perhaps colourful socks that you do not want to wear any longer, there is nothing that would stop you from adding Argyll sleeves to your golf outfit or Daffy Duck sleeves for your kindergarten play date. What ever your lifestyle.

If you live in a warm climate, a pair of sleeves in the back pocket makes you keep your hot hot-weather outfit looking good all though the night. Keep them on for going to Mass, take them off for your jazzy show-off's. 


  1. I have to admit it does look good in the photograph but putting on a long sleeved tee shirt would be simpler. A non-handbag-carrying chap might find it a bit of a nuisance to if they decided to take them off when they were out and about. By the way, I did giggle. The risk of Freudian slippage inducing a typographical error requires great care when using the term in question.

    1. There is not a long sleeved tshirt manufactured in this world where the sleeves are long enough for me. I'm glad you giggled!