Monday, 23 November 2015


There is snow.

I love it. I really absolutely love it. I love the way it lights up the nights and the way it muffles the sounds of traffic. Beautiful. I love the sound under my shoes.

I went out and listened to the sound under my shoes. I walked with my tongue out trying to catch the snowflakes. Beautiful. The snow came last night and I am by now done with it.
Thank you. Good bye. I am good for the season, thanks.

Could you please go back to where you came from - please?
I really hate travelling with snow on the ground, in the air, in the weather prognosis.
Everybody becomes skittish and me especially. 


  1. I really appreciate your skill to be present and observe the world around you. You made me miss snow and the feeling of it.

    1. Kiitos! It is so hard to live without snow, isn't it? It scares some but I love it. Pile it up, freeze it down and do let it stay until spring (but do not make me travel with deadlines through it). :)

  2. We went outside the other night and watched the flakes falling down through the sky in the moonlight.