Thursday, 17 December 2015


I was inspired by Cro to show the content of my bag: 
Besides the phone which I used to take the picture below with, currently my bag contains:
A red bike light attached to the bag
Work computer, work note book, calendar for 2015 and my private notebook. 
Some papers I should look at
Pen case mostly containing hair elastics and computer adaptors. 
Wallet in goat skin (instead of pet)
Phone charger for some odd reason, it usually never comes with me.

Mini-bottle with hand sanitiser (refilled a thousand times)
Ear-plugs in case
Mints (usually Fishermen’s Friends but any sugar free mini-mint for when the peckish feeling arrives)
Plastic spoon (for simple snacking when peckish)
Plastic coin for supermarket trolley
Tooth brush and mini tooth paste (refilled a thousand times)
Mini-first aid kit (in an old plastic case for Compeed, including one Compeed, allergy pills (against dying), two paracetamol, two anti-flu herbal pills and a sleeping pill.
Headphones which should be in the small plastic bag that weighs a lot less than the case they came in.
Herbal pills for energy.  
A tea bag 
Shopping bag (always, eastern European raised I am)
Passport. With travel and health insurance documents in a watertight plastic envelope, some business cards for my boss and a used boarding pass.


  1. Quite comprehensive contents. I'd be a bit worried about carrying my passport around. Being English I don't have an 'Identity Card', which often baffles people here

  2. I have both identity card, drivers license and passport - but only the passport shows my nationality which is an oddity in that country.

  3. I've taken to carrying my passport around so I know where the damned thing is. Being stuck in town all day and knowing everyone as I do, I am fairly frequently asked to witness photos for other people's passports or such things, which require one to give one's own passport info, so it all makes sense!

    1. Wow, blast from the past. I have a brand new passport and the authorities took a digital photo that if fused in the paper AND made into a transparent holographic picture of yours truly with uncombed hair. They make a new one in 24 hours if needed. Still uncombed though.