Friday, 25 December 2015


I was treated with Eggs Benedict for breakfast today (at 11:30).
We decided that it was Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch (not calling him an egg though). The other Benedictine Saint Benedict we wouldn't even want to have for breakfast.

Our combined skills (at least in theory) can make Eggs Benedict from scratch.
I know how to make bread (and in theory flour and salt although the yeast will be a bit tricky)
We can raise chickens for eggs and the man can poach them beautifully.
We can raise a pig (in theory) and I baked the ham we used yesterday from scratch.
We could I suppose possibly keep a cow for milk and I can make butter from milk.
We can make vinegar (and in theory wine)
We can identify a lemon.
The lemon could possibly be replaced by mustard which I make regularly from mustard seeds (and those I can identify in nature and could at least in theory collect enough of to make mustard with the above mentioned vinegar, and I suppose fat from the pig ham.)

I will be re-treated with Eggs Benedict again for breakfast later today (probably around 13:00).
The hollandaise sauce cut at the last minute and a new attempt will be made to perfect the skills needed.

I know it will work out beautifully (and I have already cleaned the kitchen for the re-start).

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