Saturday, 12 December 2015

BoughtClothes2 2015

This is a list (edited) of the clothing I have bought in 2015.

Cap for hiking and to use in rain, from acquired from the friends in Saint Quentin, France €2.50
Blue cotton t-shirt - €2.99
Petroleum silk wedding shirt - second hand I think €7
White sports bra - €7.50
3 pairs of short socks - €5
3 pairs of thick workmen socks - €1
White running t-shirt - €5 
Rain jacket - €200 
2 white bras with flexi-staps - total €10 a
New jeans finally but impulsively bought - €16 from the second hand shop and the repair man

Totally €257,30 for clothes in 2015 - or more correct: 
One rain-jacket and €57,30 over budget for a year.

The rain jacket is a ten-year investment, the bras were essentially needed, the working socks have turned out to be exceptionally good buy and used every day through the winter and the hiking cap saved my nose during the summer. The short socks will be used several summers and the wedding shirt has already been used again for another party so those have been good investments. 
The white sports bra has not kept its shape after a few rounds of laundry and is on top of the pile to get used up as quickly as possible. The running t-shirt could also have been avoided with some clever thinking. It is just not good enough (see-through white was not a great choice for running even with a vest over it).

The rain jacket is a compete love, best buy in years and years. Everything works exactly how I want it and nothing is annoying. It is black so I wear it almost everyday, it does not look too sporty. It does not have any reflexes and after dark I completely disappear in traffic so I have hung a tiny light source from the zipper to add to that. My bike has both lights and reflexes though.

I have worn almost all clothes this year, but not all and I will need to take a long hard look at them next year to see if I really cannot turn into anther person and actually use what I own. 


  1. You are seriously organized and disciplined. I need to go through the clothes I no longer wear and either start wearing them or recycling them.

    1. That's the spirit! I think you will find a lot a new things to wear! Have fun shopping in your wardrobe!,