Tuesday, 22 December 2015


We have had a lot of visions and dreams for 2016. Some could have been used for more concrete plans for things to do during the next calendar year. Most, if not all, have been killed between the vision and the planning phase.

The man was offered a new project to start right after the project during the fall. To endure some  quite difficult tasks and work situations, we made plans of what to do when the project ended. It could have ment that there was a chance that as of April 2016, he would not have had to work again until summer 2017. There almost was the opportunity to take 2016/215 without real financial risks.

Bewildered, we reached quite quickly a few conclusions as to what to do, and what not to do with that fantastic opportunity:
- Something real. Not just going travelling, but doing something, learning something there otherwise is not time for. We have a list of things we want to do, including bag piping, tailoring education and travelling around in a van filled with books.
- Stay in Europe and since I really do not want to start yet another language right now, we are limiting us to Western or Northern Europe.
- Not Amsterdam, not the Iberian peninsula. Otherwise it is quite open. Our favourite cities are Paris, Basel, Vienna, Freiburg, Augsburg, Trier, Antwerp, Stockholm perhaps, Nancy perhaps, Bordeaux perhaps - anyway, a town between middle to large in size. (No, we are not moving out in the greeneries to grow chickens, not our bag.) So tentatively we are looking at Scandinavia, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. We have free movement so nothing restricts us.
- I have a dream that can fit in a year or so, but only starting August 2016. I have applied and been assured I do not have to worry about not being admitted. The man however, will have to find his own dream first before I tell him (not that he doesn't know) as the geographical location of my dream is not really on the radar for his dreams (yet). It is important that he makes the decision on his own, or it will not be his dream fulfilled.

None of the fantastic opportunities have come true. For 2016, we look at a normal year with normal life (normal for us). With some time spent on what turned out to be day dreaming instead of planning and preparing, we however have learned one thing.
When the financial opportunities or perhaps realities, arrives, we will know what to do. And it is not particularly spectacular. But there is no lack of things to do.
Unfortunately, the project came to nothing, the visions came to nothing and we are back into living our normal lovely although by now, for us, an everyday life and continue to work four days a week, live seven evenings and three days a week. Back to the drawing board. My wanderlust is raging.