Monday, 7 December 2015


Monday is cauliflower day in our household.

There is a number of reasons for it (somebody is doing sports on Monday nights and needs to eat but not too much and no, of course not, it is not me) and it is a no-brain dish that does not need thinking about. It can be very cheap but it is seasonal so be prepared to pay through your  nose certain times of the year. Anyway, we eat a head of cauliflower on Monday evenings and on Tuesdays I eat sad veggie soup.

Boil a head of cauliflower. Just cut of the hardest, greenest parts but keep the head whole. Place in large pan. Pour hot water over it (of course you always use the electric kettle to boil the water first and not the gas, right). Add a bit of salt if you think that makes a difference (it does but not for the flavour). Boil and keep boiling on low temperature about 10 min. Turn the head over if it was not submerged entirely (use a spatula or a ladle to do it, messy in the beginning but you'll get the hang of it). Boil another 5-10 min, probably ten if it is winter cauliflower but less for summer cauli.

I have noticed (because I tend to serve either too mushy or to hard cauliflower) that the cooking time varies over the season. Winter cauli's need more time, they are harder and more compact.
Poke the stems with a knife or a fork. It is done when the knife goes through.

We share a head of cauli for two. Just half it, let is drip a second and then put it straight on the plate.
Grate cheese on top.
Done. Eat. Sleep. Dream.

Sometimes I make stewed onions, possibly with bacon when the weather is particularly grim or I think the man looks too thin. Sometimes I just add a little Japanese soy sauce. Sometimes we save a nice sauce or broth from a dinner in the weekend and pour that warm over the cauli. Most little left-overs can be heated and added to cauli.
But cauli is really very nice on its own and very little is needed for flavouring.

(You don't like the smell when it is boiling? Open the window or wear perfume.)

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