Wednesday, 2 December 2015


The December task this year focus on sewing and sewing paraphernalia.
How much stuff for sewing do you have? I hope you are not going to say nothing; everybody needs at least a needle and basic coloured thread (and know how to use it).

I have sewed all my life except the past five-ten but I did get back into it this year.
My interest is back up and my skills are way down. It has become easy to think that if I just get threads, needles, magazines, books, fabric, trims, zippers - especially more zippers, my sewing skills are going to increase.
They will not.
The only thing that will increase my sewing skills is to sew. Again and again, from start to finish and gradually more and more difficult items.

My sewing always starts with adjustments of the pattern. Nothing, no pattern and very little clothing will ever fit me directly. My body is out of standard measurements and sizes and everything has to be adjusted (or used ill-fitted as is more common).

After pattern adjustment, I go on with fabric sourcing. I dislike buying expensive fabric so I source it from the street, the cheap end of the market where the fabric smells a bit and is faded from the sun and of course from broken umbrellas. The fabric usually needs quite a bit of preparations, washing, ironing, trimming, slicing and adjusting.

Then the fabric is ready to meet the adjusted pattern.

Sewing is a great way of meeting needs for clothing and other items cheaply.
But it is important to know what I already have so I know what I do not need.
I also need to finish the projects that have already been started and of course, mend and fix anything that needs sewing. 
That is the task for December.
(Yes, I am giving myself an easy one after the hard work done in November.)


  1. I have sewing machine, lots of threads, cotton, threads wools and needles. I can make clothes. Now I mend only and not make things. I also darn, which is mending socks.

    1. Yes, darning socks! Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about that! I do it too, especially toes which is where I wear them through and unless I fix them, could go through hundreds of socks a year.