Sunday, 13 December 2015

Dikke poes

Dikke poes means fat cat. It should be written Fat Cat at is is a name.
Fat Cat had a brother called Kleine Poes, meaning Little Cat.

These were the man's cats
They were the large, tabby, fluffy monsters who killed the frogs, mouses, birds, bats and other cats in the house from 1623 where he used to live. The house had not been renovated since it was built (my estimate) so the cats had full time employment.

The cats came when whistled at, except when they had moved into the hotel next door and refused to come home for a week. (I know, I don't blame them; hotel breakfasts are lovely and the lounge is still divine.) The cats communicated with each other and with the man through loud meowing. They all had easy conversations as the man meowed fluently back.
I never knew Little Cat, he passed in a terrible accident when his snack fell on his head and caused diabetes so he passed away when the man was in China. (This is the short version of a very long story.)

I lived with Fat Cat on and off for several years. Fat Cat never liked me. He loathed me. I will not say that he hated me, but his persistent disregard for me only could be broken momentarily by bacon or trout. He lay on me only once in almost three years. The man was cooking New Year's dinner for hours and I was slouching in the sofa. (I immediately posted a picture of his adultery all over the Internet and it never happened again.)

After any weekend away, Fat Cat demanded and required almost two hours of quiet napping on the man's belly. He also slept on the man's side of the bed (second best choice after he was kicked off my side of the bed where he really thought he should be sleeping). Fat Cat only loved the man. (Personally I think the cat was more of a dog.) Those two had a number of mysterious interaction routines. In order not to not speak ill of the living, I will not mention them (but it might come up in the future as it is so funny).

Fat Cat passed on to cat heaven almost three years ago and we both still miss him.
We have taken to re-enact Fat Cat. And with we, I mean that I am the Fat Cat now.

I lie on the man's belly for two hours after I have been away for several days. I walk around in the kitchen saying meow meow meow when the man is cooking and I am hungry. My hair is everywhere and I will stand in front of the closed door wanting to go out, changing my mind as soon as it opens and changing it again as the door closes.

Somebody just have to be the cat around here!


  1. Jeg har bare ni katter. It may seem like too many, but it really isn't, except tomorrow when two of them go to the veterinarian. I would like to have a large Norwegian Forest Cat before I die.

    1. Ni katter er slet ikke for mange! Go tur till vertineren, held og lykke (although that last is hopefully not necessary, and all will go well anyway).