Sunday, 20 December 2015


During the weekend I have put felt feet on all furniture in our living room.

Our apartment is not big and the living room is not very big. It is not small by any means but it is not big. It fits dining room table, book case, two sofas, sofa table and still gives lots of space for ironing, doing exercises and moving around. Besides that we have a kitchen, a bed room and an office.

There is no other space available in our home so we often move the furniture around.
Actually, we move the furniture in our living room around most days and sometimes several times a day. The sofas are turned around to the windows, along the window or away from the windows, in front of the television or next to each other to form a box to snuggle up in. The large table is back and forth to reach into the bookcase, the window, the chargers or the door.

We have quiet downstairs neighbours. I have realised that we are the ones making any noise in the house.
During the weekend, all furniture has been lifted, wiping each foot and cleaning each leg. They were dried and a little piece of self-adhesive felt was placed under each foot.

Now the furniture slides silently over the floor and we quickly rearrange to seat 19 people, to stage a play or to carry out any of our daily activities. We do not need a larger living room.

(If you wonder, we do not have wall to wall carpeting in the living room and only periodically do we add some lose carpets in strategic corners.)

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