Tuesday, 1 December 2015


The waves of the market and therefor also of my money investments are back up and high again.

All bills, costs, and fees have been paid and I am safe financially for another month. There is money for food the entire month and there is money for eventualities.

Actually, there is money enough for eventualities for 29.41 years at this rate.
It is amazing. I am so grateful.
The budget I am currently living on, that I have lived on for almost two years, and that is well and enough for my lifestyle, can be provided by my assets for another 29 years (unless prices goes up and my investments does not generate another monetary income the next three decades.)
I could also lose it all but I will try my best to hang on to it. 

I could stop working, I know. But after the day I had today, the meeting I had with some new important gruff clients who turned into purring kittens with the help I could give them, I do not know what I would want to change.

I cycled home through one of the worlds most beautiful capitals, I went for an hour walk through town with a person I like (and love most of the time) talking about the day and then hobbled home for a warm meal, a good book in the sofa, a game of Trivial Pursuit, a fruit, a cup of tea and some engaging conversation.
The curtains can be drawn against the rain and there is a warm bed waiting.

It does not sound like much, but I call it a good life.


  1. It is so much., and living were you live is realy a big bonus.

    1. The city of Amsteredam is truly beautiful, but I have liked most places I've lived in, although for different reasons.

  2. What a good life! I feel the same about my job. I am appreciated there so it feels meaningful.

    1. I am almost chocked with how nice it is to work with what I now do. Two and a half year in the company and I never knew it could be like this.