Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Old people need glasses. The man and I however, started our youth or childhood with glasses and we are just about done with them. Lenses is the new thing.
Due to complications, lenses were only on the market for me around 2008 and the man has had to wait until a few years ago to have anything suitable to be available. Every year or two, we go through an agonising process of visits to an optician, visits to another optician for a second opinion optician and then lens trials that can take weeks if not months to get right for a final prescription.

I am just out on the other side and I have found new lenses that work. Both me and my optician are very happy about the result. The lenses were delivered today (from the cheapest lens provider on-line. I spend money on my optician but not on my lenses.) Total cost per year is about €200, meaning it costs me about 50 eurocents per day to have lenses. This cost is compared every year to the cost of glasses. Although glasses win every year financially, I will stick to my lenses as long as I can. At least another year anyway.

The storage of lens boxes have been inventoried and they are all currently all happily boiling away in a pot of water on the stove for ten minutes to be re-used for another year. My optician gave me a pink lens box this year. She is a sweetheart and she thought it would make me smile. It did. But I am not a sweetheart so I will try to pass it onto the man. He is.

We also inventoried the storage of lens fluids available in the house. There is currently two and a half plus a bit left in a travel sized bottle available so nothing needed. 

PS. One of the lens boxes did not survive boiling water and had to be  thrown away. It makes me note to self to be careful in the future of where I get lens boxes in the future. However, I still have plenty of boxes and do not need anything in a foreseeable future.

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