Monday, 28 December 2015


I have been doing small mending projects lately over a few days.

I invested 1,5 € and got:
- one black and one white cotton thread spools (450 meter each)
- ten meter thin elastics
- three meter wider elastics (two different).
All low quality of course but good enough for these projects.

I sew new elastics on two white fitted bed sheets. There was nothing wrong with the fabric of the sheets but the elastics was completely dead. Each night it would escape the bed corners and party wild and loose. I could buy new cheap sheets cheaply but then I could also spend 20 euro-cents, half an hours work to fix them up without even having to leave the comforts of my own home.

I sew new elastics on a white sports bra. I bought it at the beginning of the summer (yes, this year!) and even though it has been through a rough hiking summer, you would think the elastic fabric would hold longer than that. Not so. Even though I do not have a heavy weight in my bra, it does have a job to do. I measured a length of wide elastics that felt good, sewed it together pinned it in a circle, stretched it to fit the outside of the bra and pinned it in four places and quickly sewed it on stretching it while sewing normal straight stitches. You can tell it is there if you look. However, you will not get to look as you will never see my bra so I do not care.

Again, I could go and buy yet another cheap bra but I liked this. Now, for about 10 euro-cents, it will have at least another summer ahead of itself. And more importantly, I do not have to go through the indignity of trying on bras in public for a while. Not to mention saving resources and the environment. I also sew by hand a few supporting stitches in one of the newer bras where a tiny rip has appeared.

While at it, I also stitched my old black fleece gloves and closed a hole between the fingers as well as a tiny beginning of a hole in my pen case (yes, the brown one showed with the content of my bag the other day).

Now that I know how to do it, I will probably replace the annoying elastic in one of my pyjama trousers. I also need to mend my slippers, but that is a project do do in front of some really good film. I'll save that for the slow days coming up.

Are you mending in front of the television in the evenings too? Are you inventorying your sewing paraphernalia too?


  1. Very industrious m'dear, though I had to smile at the Bra commentary ;-) Although I do not sew I may have to learn as the old car I have bought to restore needs the interior refurbishing (along with everything else)

    1. I am glad to have made you smile! Your old car might need heavier sewing equipment but otherwise leather is not difficult. I sew around the edges of my leather slippers last night (it is hard on the fingers though).

  2. Hmmm. I might have to get out the old needle and thread. There are definitely some repairs I have been putting off.

    1. And the thimble if you have one. There is plenty of time for mending projects at this time of the year so no reason to put it off.