Friday, 18 December 2015


Money is not true wealth, said González de Cellorigo, and meant that the ambition was to increase wealth by increase in productive capacity rather than the stock of precious metals.

J. H. Elliot, Imperial Spain 1469-1716 Penguin (1963) 1990, p 317.

How have you increased your productive capacity this year?

I have experimented with growing vegetables with the aim to be able to contribute my food with my own produce.
I have finished and been granted an academic degree (although quite useless in it self, it kept my brains going)
I have kept and developed my day job, training not only me, but colleagues and clients for yet another year.
I have developed my sewing skills, especially for clothes and especially using scrap, cheap or discarded fabrics and clothes. I do need much more training before the clothes I make are ready for use in public.
I have kept my weight lower, my health better and my physical activity level up with time and knowledge to improve for next year.