Wednesday, 9 December 2015


As 2015 is coming to the end and as a new calendar is being started for the new calendar year, the plan for 2015 is also coming to an end.

The plan for 2016 is in progress, but not finalised. I have been sketching on a few new or alternative plans for the coming year. No promises have been made yet, they are still in progress. I do keep an eye on my five year plan from 2013 and I know that a new five year plan should be hatched too.

The plan for 2015 has had the following headings:
(These headings have been almost unchanged since at least 2010 although the quantification of the target has been adapted over the years)
Work - the specifics are check except that I have not updated the details in my CV during the last year. This needs to be done (deadly boring although it is).
Studies - I was awarded a B.A. in History and English in August 2015 and am currently, but not satisfactorily studying on a master in History. I have my specialisation but not my academic home so this will be an issue for 2016.
Finances - The financial target of 30 years x a low annual budget will remain, and the target is to hold, keep, increase and stabilise. It has ranged from above 30 to below 28 through the year and I am still working and paying into it.
Pleasures - The target aims at week-end adventures every second month with a longer trip somewhere in the summer and a weekly pleasure, usually intellectual, is check for this year for me. It will remain a target as this is one of the ways I quantify a good life.
Languages - Four languages are on the roster for my attention. Two have been given the progress and update work they were supposed to get, two have not. All four will stay on the list in progress. I will however not adding another one! This is an attention target, unquantifiable.
Health - possibly the most important target. This year weight has been the primary issue, and next year I know an increased activity level will have to be a target. Other specifics are teeth, sleep and balance (my feet are week) but the list is longer. A detailed health plan is in progress for 2016.
Friends-Family - Ein Freundkreise entsteht nich von allein. I have a list of friends and family that I attentively make sure I work through and stay in touch with through every year.
Lifestyle - This is another of my attention targets and is unquantified. It is identified with a few little sayings. Daily intellectual, Daily laugh and Small adventures are examples of this very personal target. These should be reflecting the five year plan goals, and I have a few tweaks to do for this part of the plan for next year.

Which headings do you have in your annual or five year plans?

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