Wednesday, 16 December 2015


The other night the man and I watched some antiques evaluation television show and kept looking around us, laughing and saying I wonder what we possibly could have that would turn out to be worth a lot of money.

Little did we know.
We went to the modern art museum after work last night. I was in desperate need of inspiration, entertainment and something to shake me up.
The exhibitions were as incomprehensible as they usually are and as usual there is always something that reaches you and grabs you and shakes your thought process  around a little.

We also strolled through the permanent exhibition of modern design.
The man suddenly said: Look at that, we have that.
And we do.
I thought it was a copy.
It is not. 
It is an original.
I did not know.
It is worth a lot of money.

Louis Poulsen manufactured for Poul Henningsen in the 1960s lamps that have become iconic.
Apparently I own one. A white 4/3 pendant lamp with an orange anti-glare insert.
I did not know.

In 1999, I needed a lamp and the office where I worked was renovating. I begged a lamp from the kitchen and was given it although people thought I was crazy to have a thing like that in my home.

It hung in two consecutive bedrooms until the big house clear out when I was about to get rid of it.
The man said he kind of liked it. So it got shipped in one of the ten boxes that survived the clear out.

Now we will look through all our lights and furniture to see what else we might have gathered through our lives.

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