Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Oh no, I go presents for Christmas! :D Oh yes!

Although I don't celebrate christmas and did not give anybody presents, I did manage to collect quite a little stash this year.
All I can do is to thank the people who kindly gave these things to me, to be properly grateful and to use them up until they die from exhaustion (the things I mean, not the people).

The woman I share an office with, gave me a very pretty card and ... a spatula. She is a dieting consultant so I may be the only one she knows who will be happy for it. It has the brand the company she works for so I am not very special but I am anyway glad I got one. It has great quality. She also clearly gave me the most neutral of them all (as I said, we share office so I know what all the other looked like). I will be happy to use it when the current spatula dies. Until then, it will live in my "your time will come" storage box and I am properly grateful to have more than I need. It could also be a very good present for next year if we go visiting somebody.

One of the guests at the Yule-light party gave us a porridge spoon. It was wooden with a little ceramic christmas tree at the end of the handle. The ceramic thing of course came off immediately and the spoon is of low quality. The wrapping however was beautiful as it came from a very expensive shop. The thought was even nicer and a practical gift like that is never bad. I might give her the above mentioned spatula next year if we get invited for something christmassy then.

My mother gave me a pair of hand knitted finger gloves. She is a master knitter, loves gloves especially and although she knows fully well I already have a stash of them from previous years, I am always grateful for more. I am very happy to have more gloves than I need, especially since she is old and for each year it is more unlikely she will give me another pair. They are also very good presents.

My bosses gave me a generous (as in very-very generous) gift card. For the tax authorities it had to be for something fancy and usable only in their country, but I can live with that.
It is completely unexpected since one of them was in town a few weeks back and took me and the man to quite an exclusive lunch, calling it my Christmas bonus.
Anyway, now I have quite a lot of money to spend in a fancy interior design/creative stuff shop until the end of 2017.
I might be able to do that. I will enjoy planning that shopping spree very carefully.

EDIT: I forgot, we also go a lovely, half a pound mature goat cheese from one of our friends who get a lovely food bonus from work each year and always get the man something tasty for new years. I forgot, because it is almost already eaten...


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    1. Geitost is the best! (But it must be white, not brown. I can't stand brunost.)