Wednesday, 30 December 2015


The task for December was to go through all sewing paraphernalia.

My sewing machine was a gift from my mother and my aunt when I turned 25. They both have sewed their entire lives and they can not imagine anybody without a sewing machine. It was professionally serviced a few years ago. (The man has his own sewing machine. His cheap supermarket machine actually sews better than mine.Yes, we are a two sewing machine household and both will stay.)

Besides that, I have:
- Eight sheets of umbrella-fabric and a bit left over from my running vest (it was going to be a winter cover for our plum tree which it does not need so it will be pack-bags especially for the tent, possibly rain legs to match my sleeves and other light weight hiking stuff)
- Seven zippers (two short, five long), one green to fit the green cotton below and two red which are planned for book covers.
- Two meter green cotton for a summer dress in preparation.
- Two and a half meter very tough beige cotton twill, left over from pattern fitting for the dress making with the rest possibly for summer shorts.
- Light green left over scraps from the pyjamas, left over scraps from taking the sleeves and the bottom off my African top as well as left over scraps from two scarves found on the street and made into a caped top which fitted well but looked distinctly odd (at least I train my sewing skills without cost.)
- Wonderful gold-black striped scraps from a second hand find which was turned into a vest (nice and warm but can only be worn under a jacket).
- Turquoise embroidered cotton, unfortunately only thirty centimetre and some scraps but might be a yoke of a shirt sewed for training. 
- About a meter of golden orange organza to train on, possibly to be the back of a summer top.
- Black-out fabric discovered on the market this fall: four meters bright white (1€/m on the market - imagine that!), one meter grey-white and half a meter cerise. The benefit is that this is the only white fabric on the market that I can find that is both white and non-see through. It will be a white dress with trousers/shorts under (is the plan dream; some more training needed through.
All in all this means I have an absolute buying-ban on fabric for 2016 (at least until everything has been sewn; at least for buying.) 

My sewing box contains everything I ever need:
- Sewing needles in abundance, most in a needle case I made when I was about 10.
- Thimble, primarily used for sewing in leather, like my slippers.
- Scissors of best brand, best quality and never ever used for anything else than fabric. Probably a present from my family in my teens and it will last me a life-time.
- Elastics, bought and used recently.
- Measuring tape (2 and I have no idea where they have come from)
- Box of sewing pins
- Box of safety pins (the box is at least since my mid-teens as it is marked with my then nick-name)
- Rolling wheel for pattern copying
- Copy paper for pattern copying
- Five large rolls of thread; one is green to fit the fabric above. All cheap quality from the market.
- Bundles of left over lace, ribbons, string, patterned patches and thread, most short but hopefully to be useful sometime.
It paraphernalia all sits in an half-an-A4 sized wicker-basket that lives in my wardrobe. All fabric is bundled up in fabric bags and lives on the floor of my wardrobe.

I really do not need to buy anything in order to improve my sewing skills. The only thing I need is focus to sit down and sew as often as I can.
First task is to finish the beige top made as pattern fitting for the dress, but that also will be a body-fitting top with a short zipper in the side.


  1. My skills are limited to simple repairs. Hopefully no one will notice the quality of the repair. Functional, but not necessarily pretty.

  2. You did it! Really good! The more you do, the easier it will become! (I go through my entire life functional, but not necessarily pretty! It works.)

  3. Happy new year Viking, i don't have any skills like that and i am very sorry because of that but i think it is too late for me to learn.

    1. I think you can do anything, I have high expectations! Happy New Year Yael!