Thursday, 3 December 2015


The sweater season is upon me.
I will use the season to use all my sweaters and indoor jackets.
There are 12 thin sweaters, 7 thick sweaters (fleece primarily) and a total of 8 indoor jackets available. Consequently I really do not need any more.

Did you notice that there is one more sweater than when I went through my wardrobe earlier this year even though I have not bought any sweaters nor have I sewed or knitted one??

Indeed, free clothes! I found one in a pile of clothes outside my new office a few weeks ago. Actually, I found lots but I only took the two I liked the look of. A pink long cardigan (that has gone to charity after having been washed as I just can not wear baby-pink) and an off-white long lose long-sleeved v-necked sweater. It was brand new as the tag was still on it. I washed it and now it is mine.

during the sweater season, while using all sweaters and jackets and sometimes both, I will also try to focus on using all not so great t-shirts, tops, tank tops and camisoles. Sweaters can hide a multitude of bad t-shirts, and adding a scarf increases the disguise. It is time to out-wear some.

Tops are divided in four piles in my wardrobe. Tops hung on hangers, the good t-shirt pile, the bad t-shirt pile (mostly stained or silly, but also includes sports shirts and band t-shirts) and a pile with tank tops and camisoles.

While wearing sweaters I can wear all of the bad t-shirts, and with the help from tank tops and camisoles for warmth, the hanging tops can come out too, even if it is winter. I plan to leave the pile of good t-shirts almost untouched until the warmer season.
Then I will be happy to have something (new) to wear that does not need to be hidden.

Hooray for winter weather when I do not need any clothes.
I even have a warm winter coat that will take me through yet another winter. 


  1. I always read your blog assiduously but I have to confess that I failed to notice you have one more sweater than you reported after you went through your wardrobe earlier this year.

    1. Tut-tut, but it was not a test so you are good. Do you have enough sweaters for the winter?