Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Everybody does this, right? Nobody has missed this trick?
Everybody gets everything out of "empty" tubes before throwing them in the recycling bin?
You know that there is more left inside a plastic tube even if you can't squeeze more out of it?

It is not really a question of saving a lot of money as to postpone each necessary purchase as long as possible. Every week your assets works for you, gives them the opportunity to increase.
Everybody has the opportunity to use everything they already have purchased until its natural end.

Plastic tubes for tooth paste, skin cream, even certain food stuffs, are a good use of the plastic that fulfils requirements to be used in contact with food. Their problem is that even if you store them on their top, not all will seep down to be squeezed out.

You can flatten the tube and scrape it down (use the back of a knife) and then put a bag clip over it to keep the content down. Still, in most cases, the tube will still not be completely empty.

If you cut off the tube. about a third of the total length (regular kitchen scissors will do or a knife as you slice bread) you can get all the rest out of the tube. The top end will fit back on it as a lid, keeping the content good until you have used up everything. 

In a toothpaste tube there is at least a weeks worth of paste left, hand cream possibly not so much, but I have had smaller tubes where a good half of the content is left even after both squeezing and scraping. Why would I throw it out when it is good to use and I have already paid for it.

But everybody already knew this right?


  1. A good technique for toothpaste tubes and similar is to use a rolling pin.

    1. Now that is not a bad idea, although using some more care than I used when my tube broke is to recommend. Or carefully rulling with the cap off.