Saturday, 19 December 2015


"Any woman of ordinary prudence (without belonging to the class called strong-minded) can find little difficulty in arranging matters for her own convenience."
                                                                                                       Agnes Smith (1843-1926)

Quoted by Jane Robinson in  Wayward women A guide to women travellers Oxford University press (1991) p 146.

Agnes with her sister Margaret are famous female travellers and polyglots. In the 1870s they travelled in Sinai, Palestine and the rest of what is now generally termed the Middle East. They became scholars at Oxford University and continued to travel to the Bedouin and to visit Mount Sinai.
This is a link to download and read Eastern Pilgrims: The travels of three ladies (London, 1870) directly.
They put all of us travelling women to shame. They are great inspiration for the future.


  1. Very impressive doing all that back in that time. Formidable women they must have been.

    1. Very, very impressive indeed! Their pack list at the beginning of the book is sobering though.