Monday, 25 January 2016


When I was little, my mother served oatmeal porridge for breakfast Monday to Friday.
In the weekends we could get cereal, yoghurt, toast or something else. For days we went to school it was a warm cooked breakfast. Always. Nothing else would keep us until lunch  - or keep our tempers up long enough to make us eat the school lunch.

(Yes, in my mother's country we were served a warm school lunch of good quality every day for free as a part of our free education. With milk. And often fruit. Every day.
Eating in a food hall holding a lot of people has its disadvantages but I was raised in a small town so the school was quite small and consequently the school dining room was bearable.)

The man is raised in another country with different routines and most certainly different traditions for both breakfast and lunch. I have won. Or my mother has one.
We all now eat following my mother's advice.

Breakfast is oatmeal porridge.
I have lived in many countries and it is difficult to find the right tasting oatmeal,
Around 2011, the man and I cooked through all brands of oatmeal readily available in all the different shops.Yes, we did proper porridge tastings.
We read on-line about different cooking methods and techniques.
We read books about oatmeal porridge.
Eventually I had to compromise.

We now eat porridge for breakfast every day. It is the quickest, cheapest and most filling breakfast.
We only eat one specific brand of oatmeal. It is not the cheapest but it is not proper Scottish oats either.
The porridge is cooked in a pan slowly for about two minutes (stir!) and it is made with milk.  (I think a microwave could do the job in 30 sec's but we do not have a micro wave and will apparently not get one either).
Anyway... the mad man then adds sugar and/or raisins and nuts on it. It increases his daily calorific intake which he needs - and likes. He eats his porridge hot. I wait until it has cooled a bit and then gulp it down in a minute. We both easily feel full until lunch.

For two persons, we go through a half a kilo package of oatmeal in about two weeks.
Often we skip breakfast entirely one day of the weekend and eat pancakes instead.

Breakfast (with pancakes) probably costs us (two persons) 4€ a week, at least less than 20€ a month. Without the nuts that is.


  1. I treat myself on weekends to eggs and something for a late breakfast (brunch). The something is either hash browned potatoes or some leftovers like chili or whatever I can find in the fridge. Weekdays it's usually yogurt and granola. Oh, and always a cup or two of coffee.

  2. P.S. we have chickens so the eggs are always fresh.

    1. I will keep that in mind and I expect to be able to invite myself for weekend breakfast when I am in the area. Ha de'!

    2. I would insist that you stop in! I will cook an amazing breakfast for you!