Saturday, 16 January 2016


We share all costs of food and household goods equally, the man and I.

All receipts go into a bucket in the kitchen with an initial on it. When the bucket is over-flowing, somebody adds up the receipts. The amount is kept on a note in the bucket until next time.

I am usually ahead although the man pays more often for food. I pay for other things and in other countries and that gets added 'to the bucket' to cover food costs.

It is completely an honours game but we are both very fair about it. Personal food is not included unless it is shared. Personal hygiene is not included unless we buy two toothbrushes at the same time. Sweets, chocolates, alcohol is included if bought with the food even if that is not equally shared. Personal lunch in the office is not included but the cost for lunch boxes are.
It usually equals out over a few months. We are both quite generous towards each other.

Still, we do count. I insist. (Of course I will be insisting but it is really a shared task and we really like it.) We do remind each other to put receipts in the bucket or I will add a note if there is a receipt missing. Trips or weeks ends away are usually counted separately to share costs but the overspending on one will go in the bucket too.

Unfortunately we do not count regularly so no statistics can be made. We have also not kept the numbers.
The bucket was counted at the end of 2015.
The man had then paid 115 euro more than me. For the two last months of the year, the bucket covered 445 euro (for both of us). However, I was away at least three weeks, and most lunches have been on our own. Some hygiene and all cleaning or house products are included as well as any shared alcohol, snacks, holiday dinners as well as food and drink for a party. We didn't buy much extra for the holidays otherwise, that is not how we make a meal special. There was also no shortage of food in the cupboards and freezer when the bucket was counted.

No, I do not know how we do it. It seems to be very little money spent on food. We do most of our cooking at home with lots of vegetables, but not vegetarian by any means.
And we go through a good kilo or two of cheese a week.
I think I will try to monitor food costs a little more closely in 2016. I budget 200-250€ a month for food (everything shared from the food shop) and I think we should probably try to spend that next year. This will mean even more biological food of higher quality (more than today).


  1. Wow. i am impressed, and inspired. We spend about $300NZ a week!

    1. I am not sure the prices are comparable or even represent a comparable part of our budgets, but I sure hope you really enjoy your food!