Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Eventually, a new frying pan will have to be bought.
With bought, I of course mean acquired and by new I mean new to us.

The man's frying pan is a cheap supermarket non-stick pan. It has had a long life. It is by now a stick pan. It was almost out the door two years ago. We however have a place for it so it has been kept as a spare - and it is occasionally used.

I bought a large lidded branded good quality non-stick pan spring of 2010. I thought it would last me a long time. Unfortunately, it has been mistreated and I can already see an end to its versatility. I also have a fabulous forty year old cast iron frying pan that the man carefully and expertly reconditioned to perfection. It will last us another forty years. Unfortunately, it is not big enough for all our frying needs. It also does not have a lid.
Because of who we are, we also have a pancake pan. Cannot live without pannekoek.

So on to the wish list a currently somewhat unquantified and unspecified frying pan has been entered. The pro's and con's must be analysed further.

We do have a cast iron wok, formerly used as flower pot, currently serving as cable and charger holder, that might enter into use again. It is after all the cheapest frying pan I know of. One that we already own is free.

How many frying pans do you have?


  1. About 6 I think. The wife is an excellent cook and likes to have the right tool for the job. I could get by with 3. I think good cast iron is the most versatile.

    1. But you cook too, right? The cast iron is very versatile but when it is as large as I need it to be, it becomes too heavy to handle properly.

  2. Yes, I cook too, but she is better. Cast iron is good for strengthening your hands, wrists, and arms. You can cook and work out at the same time!

    1. Indeed! I knew I could trust you to bring a silver lining to everything!