Tuesday, 12 January 2016


We had the youngest child over for a few hours the other day.
Reading, eating, talking and playing games left us filled with joy but also exhausted. He is a quite extraordinary six year old. He taught himself to read years ago. He has a very quick intellect and a sharp eye for novelties. Most extraordinarily, he really likes us.

He is the child of the man's oldest friends and although we generally do not like children, those two have managed to generate not one but two rather interesting people.
Who presently are defined as children.

His visit made us go through all the games we have.

I have a lovely chess set a friend in California once gave me. I still have very rudimentary knowledge of chess but it is still something I like to do and want to do more. My chess set is another of these things I do not think I ever will get rid off.
The man has kept the games from his childhood, Backgammon, Rummikub and Mens erg je niet.
We were also given by the trash gods late last year a wonderful Dutch 1992 version of Trivial Pursuit.
We also have two decks of playing cards.
To summarize, we have more games than we need.

The child identified quite correctly that games are only temporarily fun while a miniature train set can provide endless pleasure and interest.
The train now runs around the legs of the dining room table.

We still run it. The child went home days ago.


  1. I'm not crazy about kids in General, but I have taken a liking to some. I try to keep in mind that I was one at one time.

    1. Thinking of when I was a child makes me grateful and slightly wondrous that nobody suffocated me...